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Other Production Videos


 Treasure Island


Treasure Island was performed at the Rhondo in Bath from 17th-21st January 2018. This was the promotional video for the show.


 Sunshine Cleaners


This Scene was the result of hard work on the 'Acting for Camera' course that I took at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.  A shortened version of this scene can be seen in my Showreel.


 Monologue Development


This video is of a progressive series of takes of the same monologue, as it was being developed and rehearased. This was taken during the 'Acting for Camera' course at Bristol Old Vic theatre school.

I really enjoyed working on this and this video shows brilliant progession throughout.


 Theatrino 2017


This video is an excerpt from a workshop which I lead during the tour, where song teaching is used to encourage the children to enjoy English as a language. 


 Tripwire - Reach Inclusive Arts and Partners Theatre Company


Year of production: 2016

This video is of one of our rehearsals runthroughs at an early stage of the production Tripwire, by Partners Theatre Company and Reach Inclusive Arts. It is an exploration of technology following a young girl's journey through France. 

Standing Out - Reach Inclusive Arts and Partners Theatre Company

Year of production: 2015

This is a recording of one of our performances as part of Reach Inclusive Arts and Partners Theatre company. It explores the themes associated with being different; loneliness, bullying, independence and trends. All of this is done through movement and masks with brilliant choices of music. Partners Theatre company helps adults with special needs and abilities to put on fantastic performances like this with the helpl of Reach Inclusive Arts.

When The Lights Go On Again (Full)

Year of production: 2012

This video, filmed with a stationary camera, shows Poignant Millipede's debut performance of the devised production 'When The Lights Go On Again'. In the future the world is ruined. The characters must rummage through the debris to find what is missing from themselves. This show contrasts today's failing economic climate with the events of world war two and the potential ruin of the future.

Comedy Of Errors Introduction


Year of production: 2012

This video shows some of the warm up process on the first night of production, as well as introduction all of the performers. It gives you a good sense of how the group worked together offstage.

Comedy Of Errors Promotional Video


Year of production: 2012

This video was the promotional video for the New Tempest Club and Platform 4's production of Comedy of Errors. We used the frame to create a surreal sense of being watched echoed by the sense of divinity and fate which occurs in the text.